Blood Drive 2018

This year we will be holding our annual blood drive on Thursday, May 17th from 2:00pm until 7:00pm. I see this program as vital, but under appreciated and decided that I would take a short break from more Masonic articles in my newsletter to spend a few minutes highlighting this lifesaving club. Small note, if you attended any of the leadership programs offered this year you probably sat through a 30-45-minute presentation on the Masonic Blood and Organ Club, so this short letter should be a relief.

I won’t go overboard in describing the importance or need for blood donations, I’ll simply say that there is always a need for blood, and as technology advances our ability to save lives increases but often requires blood to do so. Sadly, there is currently no way to make blood aside from producing it within our bodies, so ultimately blood donations are the limiting factor in blood collection.

The Masonic Blood Club is one way to donate blood to help save lives, but it also serves as a huge benefit for the members in the form of free blood for you and your family should the need arise. This coverage includes the member his spouse, and all children up to the age of 18. Your membership is renewed annually even if you can’t donate every year. An explanation of the process if you are the person who needs to receive blood can be found on the Grand Lodge website at www.pagrandlodge.ord/bloodprogram.

For assorted reasons some people are not able to donate blood, usually due to illness, prescribed medications, low iron levels, traveling outside the country, or new tattoos. The important thing to note here is that the Masonic Blood Club does not require the member (brother) to be the one donating. You can have someone else, usually a family member or friend, donate on your behalf. This still qualifies you, and your family to become members of the Masonic Blood Club for life!

We have been challenged by Bro. Bill Kane, our Lodge Blood Club Chairman, to donate 29 units of blood at this upcoming blood drive, which represents 5% of our membership. Considering the huge benefit to donating, not only for ourselves and families, but for those in our communities who will need your donation to live, I strongly encourage all members who are able to donate to do so. To sign up you can either contact the Red Cross Blood Bank directly or call Bro. Kane at 215-794-8072.