Masonic Research – Mozart

Our own Bro. Peterson is graduating from Temple University. As part of his senior thesis, he has written an extensive paper on Mozart and the masonic influences hidden in the composer’s work. The following sample is paraphrased from Bro. Peterson’s research:

In the mid-18th century, the Austrian government began to suppress secret societies and other exclusive groups, namely the Illuminati.  Continue reading →

Beyond the 3rd Degree – Knight Masons

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, this month we look at the Order of Knight Masons – an invitational, chivalric Masonic order.The Order of Knight Masons was formed in Dublin, Ireland in 1923 for the purpose of governing three degrees previously known as the “Green Degrees.” These were formerly controlled by the Orders of Knights Templar in Ireland (for more than eighty years) and conferred in their subordinate bodies.  Continue reading →

Mysterious Origins – Benevolent Lodge

The following is adapted from the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Constitution of the Lodge, August 27th, 1850, as read at the Stated Meeting, November 30, 1900:

Although of two score and ten years existence today, and possessing a stalwart membership of 178 brothers, Doylestown Lodge, No. 245, F. & A.M., is not the first Masonic organization of this vicinity. Our Lodge is the second one subordinate to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, of this community, and is practically a descendant of Benevolent Lodge, No. 168, formerly located hereabouts.
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About the Master’s Medal 2016

The 2016 medal commemorates 166 Years of Doylestown Lodge. Embossed in the center is a representation of the Honeybee. The Hive is an ancient Masonic symbol representing unity and industriousness, and is a fitting symbol for this year’s theme of “Fortune & Glory.” In the spirit of the traditional mosaic pavement, the black and white ribbon denotes the duality of light and darkness.