2017 Scholarships Available

<The period for application submission has now expired. Scholarship Recipients will be notified on May 8th via email.>

The Doylestown Masonic Lodge annually awards scholarships of $500 to graduating high school seniors from local schools who have been involved in community activities including volunteer service and have demonstrated a dedication to their high school academic experience.

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The Importance of Ritual

As we all know ritual is an important aspect of Freemasonry, what we may not pay attention to is the importance it also has on our daily lives. We engage in ritualistic behaviors from the time we wake up until we go to bed. We typically refer to these as habits, but they are no less ritualistic than the work we do within the lodge on any given degree night. The question is: have we lost the importance of ritual, or have we just forgotten it?

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About the Master’s Medal 2017

The 2017 Medal commemorates 167 Years of Doylestown Lodge. Embossed in the center is a representation of the rough and perfect Ashlar. The Ashlar is a Masonic symbol representing the making of stone from rough to smooth and better able for to be used by the builders.  It represents the notion of becoming a member of the fraternity and contributing to its unity. In the spirit of the Blue Lodge, the ribbon is solid blue.