175th Anniversary Countdown
175th Anniversary Countdown

175th Anniversary Countdown

The 10-year countdown to our 175th Anniversary begins now. The Line (the future leaders of the lodge) are working together to make this a special event for all members. We have a number of initiatives coming which will be outlined over the next several months, including:

  • Commemorative Gifts
  • Re-Education Programs
  • Family Outings
  • Welcome Back “Reunions”
  • Refinishing of the Lodge Room
  • Improved Access

These new initiatives are designed to help members brush up on the Craft, get re-acquainted with the current happenings around the lodge – and most importantly, create simple opportunities to meet with other brothers who enjoy the Fraternity as much as you do.The Stated Programs this year follow the same theme of Fraternity – and are meant to bring Brothers together over common activities outside of the lodge (not just within it).