Doylestown Lodge
Request a Funeral Service

Request a Funeral Service

One of the many privileges a Freemason enjoys is the right to a Masonic Funeral Service.  Our funeral services are a reflection on our Brotherly Love for one another and a hallmark of the Fraternity. Any active Brother is entitled to one, so do not be afraid to ask.

To arrange a Masonic Funeral Service for a deceased brother of Doylestown Lodge you must request the Lodge to perform a service. We cannot show up at a funeral and perform our service uninvited.

Requesting a Masonic Funeral Service is easy, simply call or direct your funeral director to contact Doylestown Lodge for you. They will know exactly what to do.

If needed, you may also contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone to 215-348-7510

Broken Column

Meaning of the Broken Column: 
The broken column memorializes the end of our earthly life.  Surrounding the broken column are acacia (evergreen) leaves, symbolic of our eternal life.