175th Anniversary

August 17th, 2025 will mark the 175th Anniversary of Doylestown Lodge No. 245, although its history stretches back even further, namely to September 6th, 1819 when a warrant was originally granted to Benevolent Lodge No. 168.

This lodge fell into decline until it was ultimately abandoned in 1837. However, on August 27th, 1850 a new warrant was granted, whereby Doylestown Lodge No. 245 became duly constituted in ancient form by authority of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. The building on East State Street was later purchased and the first meeting was held at the still current site on October 14th, 1859.

To commemorate the 175th Anniversary of Doylestown Lodge, a collection of “Master Medals” are being commissioned from 2016 – 2025 to celebrate the 10 year countdown.


2019 David A. Goldberg, W.M.

169 Years of Doylestown Lodge. Embossed in the center is a representation of Boaz and Jachin, the pillars which stood in the porch of King Solomon’s temple. The pillars are well known Masonic symbols that many believe represent that which one “enters” to begin their Masonic journey. The Latin phrase “Ad Lucem” under the pillars means “Toward Light”. The ribbon is black and represents the darkness left behind in the passage to becoming a more enlightened individual through self-betterment, fellowship, and charity.


2018 Kirk W. Borowski, P.M.

168 Years of Doylestown Lodge.  Embossed in the center is a representation of the Plumb, a well-known Masonic symbol representing “integrity.”  Masons are taught to stand tall and walk uprightly before God and Man. The ribbon is blue and white, and while the color blue is frequently associated with integrity, the combination of blue and white is also used to promote the ideas of knowledge and charity.



2017-medal2017 Louis J. Emanuele, P.M.

167 Years of Doylestown Lodge. Embossed in the center is a representation of the rough and perfect Ashlar. The Ashlar is a Masonic symbol representing the making of stone from rough to smooth and better able for to be used by the builders.  It represents the notion of becoming a member of the fraternity and contributing to its unity. In the spirit of the Blue Lodge, the ribbon is solid blue.



2016 Medal

2016 John M. Dominic, P.M.

166 Years of Doylestown Lodge. Embossed in the center is a representation of the Honeybee. The Hive is an ancient Masonic symbol representing unity and industriousness, and is a fitting symbol for this year’s theme of “Fortune & Glory.” In the spirit of the traditional mosaic pavement, the black and white ribbon denotes the duality of light and darkness.