Mysterious Origins – Benevolent Lodge

The following is adapted from the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Constitution of the Lodge, August 27th, 1850, as read at the Stated Meeting, November 30, 1900:

Although of two score and ten years existence today, and possessing a stalwart membership of 178 brothers, Doylestown Lodge, No. 245, F. & A.M., is not the first Masonic organization of this vicinity. Our Lodge is the second one subordinate to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, of this community, and is practically a descendant of Benevolent Lodge, No. 168, formerly located hereabouts.

A warrant was granted to Benevolent Lodge, No. 168 on September 6th 1819 and the lodge was constituted on November 13th 1829. For reasons unknown, the lodge failed and was vacated on Feb 6th 1837. That the older organization suffered a lingering demise and disappearance is perhaps evidenced by the fact that the warrant was not returned to Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania for many years. It was for a long time practically lost, found by accident nearly 50 years later among the family papers of a former member of Benevolent Lodge.

Meantime, however, and perhaps because of the disappearance of the original warrant, on August 27th, 1850, a new warrant was granted for the holding of this Lodge, and Doylestown Lodge, No. 245 was duly constituted in ancient form, by authority of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania on the day above stated.

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